Food Pyramid

Food pyramid is a guide for healthy diet, divides into levels. Every level shows recommended intake for each food group.

Food pyramid shows types of foods and how much we should eat every day. Food is divided on six basic groups and four levels. Health condition of our body depends on kind of the food we eat and how is it rich in vitamins and minerals.

Higher floors in food pyramid has less area in the pyramid and the food that is displayed in them, should be taken in small quantities. 

Follow Food Pyramid for Healthy Meals

  • The daily diet should contain breadrice, cereals. In this group belongs rice, potatoes, pasta, cereals. This group gives up to 45 percentage of daily energy needs. Priority is given to whole grains and their products.
  • 15 to 20 percentage of daily energy needs, should be taken with vegetable. Daily amount depends of the energy needs of the body. It is also important to consume fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetables salads or fresh squeezed vegetables juices with various vegetables is the best way to intake of vitamins and minerals.
  • With fruit should be taken 10 to 15 percentage of total daily energy needs, of course in fresh form. Fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids, enzymes and fibers.
  • Milk and dairy products contain proteins, vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and riboflavin. Choose milk and milk products low in fats: skimmed milk, cheese and yogurt with probiotics, kefir.
  • Foods from meat group, fish and eggs should be consumed less often. Recommended meat (chicken, turkey, beef and fish) intake is 2 times weekly. Meat is a source of energy – proteins, minerals (magnesium, potassium and phosphorus) and trace elements (iron, zinc and selenium). Fish, especially marine and seafood is rich in omega – 3 fatty acids. Correct replacement for meat are legumes and eggs. Eggs are a source of proteins, iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A , D, and B. The amount of the eggs is limited on 2 to 3 eggs per week, because they are high in cholesterol.
  • Fats, sweets, salt and alcohol are at the top of the pyramid and should be taken in small amount. They are known as “empty calories” high in sugar but low in vitamins, proteins and minerals. Too much consumption of them leads to bad health condition.