Acid Alkaline Diet

In 1931, German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883 – 1970) won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for founding the basic reason for cancer. He discovered that this disease is a result of anti-physiological lifestyle – Dietary who acidity the body and lack of physical activity create acid environment in the body insufficiently supplied with oxygen.

Cancer is Result of the Defense Mechanism Against Acidity

 In his work, Dr. Warburg showed that all cancer types meet two basic conditions: blood acidity and lack of oxygen. External acidity suppresses the oxygen from the cells and creates acidic environment in the body. He found that cancer cells are anaerobic and they can not survive in high concentration of oxygen, but can exist with glucose and oxygen free area.

Dr Warburg said: “The acidity and the lack of oxygen are two sides of the same medal so, if anyone has one, than has and the other one. Cancer is a quarterback mechanism that our cells use for surviving in acidic area without oxygen presence”.

Balanced acid alkaline diet and regular pH value prevent cancer.

Acidity and Alkalinity in the Body Depends on the Dietary 

After the process of digestion, the body creates conditions for acidity or alkalinity. Acidity and alkalinity in the body depends on the food that we are eat. The extent of this conditions is measure by pH scale from 0 to 14. 7 is a neutral area, from 0 to 7 is acidic area, higher than 7 is alkaline area. For normal body function, our cells should have pH value from 7.40 to 7.45. Our blood regulates the acidity but, we should be careful with the tip of the food that we are consume. Generally, more alkaline food is healthy.



+ + +
lemon lime broccoli artichoke spinach
brussel sprouts cabbage cauliflower carrot onion
cucumber asparagus kale seaweed
+ +
avocados pears kiwi grapes mango
papaya melon blueberries tangerines figs
beets celery peas lettuce green beans
eggplant sweet potato green tea
apple pineapple banana apricot cherries
grapefruit peaches strawberries radish tomato

olives turnip mushrooms bell pepper corn
wild rice almonds
most tap water most spring water river water
oats brown rice most grains eggs salmon
oysters coconut plums lima beans soy milk
fruit juices cocoa tea
x x  
white bread wheat pistachios peanuts nuts
chocolate coffee sweetened fruit juice
most purified water distilled water
x x x
pasta popcorn cheese cream cheese butter milk
pork beef pickles roasted nuts pastries
nutrasweet beer wine black tea vinegar
x x x x 
soft drinks energy drinks carbonated drinks


Cancer risk is smaller in persons who:

  • take care about acid alkaline diet and eat more alkaline food
  • drink a lot of water
  • exercise regularly
  • avoid acidic food – sugars, junk food, soft drinks
  • are careful with salt

In cases of diseases daily intake of alkaline food should be 80 procents and acidic food should be taken in small quantities.