Principles of Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is a factor for optimal growth and development of the body and has a direct impact on health condition. You should follow the basic principles of proper nutrition.

Proper Nutrition for Ideal Weight

Varied and mixed diet – During daily menu you should intake food from all 6 food groups (pyramid diet). Meals should be various and without frequent repetition, of course if it is possible.

Balanced meals – Intake food more times in a small quantities. Especially take care for the food taken in a form of meals, where the burden is on the digestive system.

Balanced and moderate diet – An optimal amount of nutrients is important for healthy body. Your body should intake sufficient quantities of nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and especially vitamins and minerals. An improper nutrition can lead to various diseases.

Rational nutrition – Rational nutrition is the relation between the amount of entered food in the body and the amount which the body consumes for proper processes: thermoregulation, systems’s functions, physical activity etc. Deviation from this balance leads to too rich or insufficient diet.