9 Healthy Diet Foods

For healthy body, you should choose a healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals. Healthy diet food prevents you from various diseases.

Here is a list of some healthy diet foods:

Powerful Diet for Better Health

Fish You should eat fish three times a week. Fish contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12. This vitamins help the function of the nervous system. Fish is also prevents cardiovascular diseases, stress and improves concentration.

Spinach Spinach has a high nutritional value and it is extremely rich in antioxidants and anticancer compounds, especially when it is fresh, steamed or quickly boiled. Spinach is a rich source of vitamins: A, C, E, K, B2, B6 and minerals: magnesium, manganeseironcalcium, potassium,  copper, protein, phosphorus, zinc, folic acid and especially rich in lutein.

Lentil Lentil contains many vitamins and minerals. Soluble fiber in the lentils helps in regulating and cleaning of the digestive tract. Intakes of soluble fiber lowers the risk of diabetes, constipation and heart diseases. Lentil is very low in sodium and may lower the risk of high blood pressure. Also contains magnesium, which is important for muscles and nerves function, strong bones and healthy maintaining of the blood sugar levels. Lentil contains vitamin B6, that helps in the sugar breakdown in the body and supports nervous system function. Lentils provides the same protein benefits as meat without the fat, calories and cholesterol.

Tomato Powerful antioxidant, rich in lycopene. Different variations of tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, contains lycopene, carotene, high levels of anthocyanin and other antioxidants. Tomatoes help heart working and protect the skin from harmful UV rays and keeps it youthful.

Apricot Apricots are full of beta-carotene and fibers. Apricots are excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Both compounds have antioxidant properties. They improve skin healthy. Consumption of natural fruits rich in carotenе protect the lung and the oral cavity from cancer. Vitamin C is another natural antioxidant that reduces the chances for infectious and keeps the body from harmful oxygen-free radicals. Apricots are good source of minerals such as potassium, manganese, calcium, iron and zinc. Potassium is healthy mineral and important component of cells and body fluids that help the heart work and blood pressure.

Raspberries Raspberries contain ingredient known as pterostilbene, that reduces the risks of cancer. Raspberries are rich in vitamin C and fiber, which are great fighters against cholesterol and heart diseases.

Cranberries Cranberries keep the blood of possible infections and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. They are rich in phytonutrients (naturally derived plant compounds), especially proanthocyanidin antioxidant, which are essential for the health. The berries contain a lot of chemical substances that can protect urinary tract from infection and reduce inflammatory diseases. The berries are good source of many vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene, lutein and folate and minerals like potassium and manganese. Antioxidant compounds in cranberries such as oligomeric proanthocyanidins, anthocyanidin flavonoids, cyanidin, peonidin and quercetin act  against cholesterol and may prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Figs Rich in potassium, fiber and vitamin B6. Reduce cholesterol and prevent water retention in the body.

Peanuts Peanuts are rich in nutrients, provide over 30 essential nutrient. Peanuts are good source of niacin, folate, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and phosphorus. They are also naturally free of trans-fats, sodium and contain about 25 percent of proteins. Peanuts are good source of niacin – compound that improves the blood flow and helps brain function. Also contains a form of phytosterol, known as beta-sitoserol (SIT) compound that reduces cancer. Peanuts are a source of coenzyme Q10. Q10 helps the ability of properly use of oxygen, naturally lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels and helps better nutrition consumption.