Rules for Ideal Body Weight

Your body weight may be important factor for your health condition.

Follow these simple rules and you will have ideal body weight without strong diet.

Simple Rules to Keep Healthy Weight

Stop eating when you are saturated –   Nobody says that you should get from the table hungry but, if you are over eating over time, the needs for food will increase by 20 percent.

Use healthy oils – Healthy fats such as those in olive oil, which is a basic of the Mediterranean diet, make vegetables more delicious. It is already known that a diet with lots of vegetables leads to weight reduction.

Enjoy in a regular meals – One of the main reasons why Frenchwoman are rarely fat is the fact that they have three meals daily. You think that one meal less will reduce calories entered during the day but, it causes instinctive fear of starvation and will slow the metabolism and in the long run increases weight.

When you eat, don’t do anything else – Modern life creates a huge shortage of time, so we are eat more often in front of the computer, in front of the TV or while travel at work. In Japan for example, “eating on the go” is considered extremely rude and in France you will not see no one how is drinking coffee in the car. Eating and drinking are not commitments that you need to complete quickly. You should to devote attention on your meals. If nothing distracts you while you eat, you will eat less.

Don’t eat alone – Eating with family or friends as opposed to eat alone in the car or on the couch is a part of almost all traditions. The psychological effect of eating in the presence of other people is huge – refrain you from overeating, you eat slowly and leads to easier  notice when you are saturate.

Moving – Large percent of the population in Asia and Mediterranean countries are weak. Not because they constantly go in the gym, it is because they most often walk than they used cars.

Your diet should be healthy and balanced against your level of daily physical activity.

With healthy diet and exercising and following these rules you will have ideal body weight.