Morning Routine for More Energy

Everyone start the day with morning routine depending on own lifestyle.

This advices for morning routine are simple and will help you to start the day healthy and will keep you freshly all day:

Increase Your Energy in the Morning

Stretch in bed Start your day with stretching in the bad. This will increase blood circulation. Good blood circulation improves body’s functions.

Before breakfast drink a glass of water During the night the body is sweats and dehydrates. You should compensate this with drinking a glass of water before breakfast.

 Breakfast Breakfast is the most important daily meal. With good choice of breakfast full of nutrients, you will have more energy and your brain will work better.

Exercising Exercising is like natural caffeine for your body. 10 minutes exercising in the morning will give you energy for all day.

Not to much coffee To much coffee will increase the heart frequency. Better option is a cup of tea.