Rules for Healthy Weight

Normal and healthy weight is result of healthy diet and healthy way of lifestyle. Small changes in diet and lifestyle can reduce the risk of diseases.

Healthy Rules – Healthy Weight

More vegetables and fruits – Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for normal body function. Fruits also contain fibers who help weight loss and reduce a lot of diseases: diabetes, cancer, digestive diseases etc. Eat fruit in the morning or as a snacks. Vegetables combine with lunch and dinner.

Reduce the intake of bad cholesterol -You should reduce bad cholesterol which can be found in margarine, butter and oil used in food preparation.

Choice meat with less fats – Eat turkey, chicken or beef meat. Soybeans is good choice to  intake proteins and replace the meat.

Grain cereals – Barley, corn, rise, quinoa, oats contain fibre, vitamins and minerals – a lot of important nutrition for healthy meal.

Nuts Half handful nuts every day is good for normal body function. Nuts are full of nutrients and will give you energy during all day. Consume nuts in the morning.

Reduce the intake of salt and sugar

Reduce alcohol and cigarettes

Plain the meals

Drink water 2-3 liters per day

Exercise at least 3 times a week

Sleep 8 hours daily

If you follow this rules, you will have healthy weight and will reduce the risk of diseases.