How tо Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication?

High blood pressure is health condition that can cause other health problems  (heart diseases, brain stroke). High blood pressure can be a consequence of the way of lifestyle – diet, low physical activity, stress or can be genetic. One half of the people that have problems with high blood pressure don’t treat it.

However, if you have problem with high blood pressure, you can try to control your high blood pressure without medications by following the next few advices.

How to Control High Blood Pressure?

Eat healthy diet – Overweight can cause problems with high blood pressure. You can take control on your weight with a healthy diet. Start by eating more fresh, different vegetables and  fruits. They reduce “bad” cholesterol. Try not to eat foods like: margarine, butter. When eat meat, choose meat with less fat like: turkey, chicken, beef, fish. Try to eat milk and milk products with reduced fat. Garlic, celery and parsley are recommended, since they help lowering blood pressure.

Reduce salt and sugar – Sugar will cause insulin levels and your blood pressure will remain high. Salt keeps the water in the body. With too much fluids in the body the heart beat harder and this results with increased blood pressure.

Reduce cigarettes and alcohol – Excessive use of cigarettes and alcohol can damage organs like liver and kidneys. This can cause increased fluids in the body. Extra fluids in the body, makes the heart beat harder and this results in increased blood pressure.

Relax – Many people have higher blood pressure as a consequence of stress. This is because adrenal gland releases stress hormones, which causes cardiovascular overwork. You can relax with walking, exercising etc.

Vitamin B – Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 can help lowering homocysteine levels in the blood that can lead to heart problems. This nutrition can be found in foods like: cereals, bananas, peas, dark green plant – spinach, liver, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, cheese. You can also take this vitamins in tablets.

Physical activity – Regular physical activity even walking for 30 – 60 minutes, few days weekly, can help lowering blood pressure. Talk to your doctor or trainer about exercise program.

You should monitor your blood pressure. You can monitor blood pressure with sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope or your doctor can check your blood pressure. Values of normal blood pressure are between 120 to 130 an 80 to 85 mm Hg.

Following this few advices may help you in reducing and controlling high blood pressure and thereforе reduce the risk of heart and vascular diseases.