Healthy Food for Children

Consumption of healthy food rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins from an early age is very important for healthy body. In addition, I propose a list of healthy food for children, which is especially important for a healthy growth and development.

List of Healthy Food for Children

Spinach – Vegetable rich in minerals. Тhe most important is calcium – it is important for strong and healthy bones and teeth. Important components also are B-carotene and lutein – helpful for eye see.

Tomatoes – Contain pro-vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, zinc, iron. Tomatoes also contain large quantities of lycopene, oxidant which protects the body from the free radicals.

Peas – Rich in B vitamins, proteins and fibers.

Broccoli – Rich in vitamin C, carotene and fibers. Contains ingredients which destroy cancer cells.

Cereals – Rich in many vitamins, minerals, proteins and minimal fats which provide energy. Grains reduce cholesterol in the blood. Beta glycogen as a ingredient that reduces blood sugar level .

Poultry – Rich in B vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, proteins.

Pumpkin – Rich in carotene and ascorbic acid which strengthen the immunity.

Apple – Snack that must be regularly consumed.

Yogurt – Contains an active bacteria which strengthens the immune system  and soothes inflammation in the stomach.

Tea – Rich in fluoride which protects teeth and prevents cavities.

I hope this list of healthy food, will be a part of your children’s daily menu.