Hydrate Your Skin in a Natural Way

Dry skin is a skin moisture loss. This can be caused by several factors:

  • Improper diet and lack of vitamin A
  • Deficiency of vitamin D.
  • External factors (frequently exposure on cold or frequently exposure on sun).
  • Uses of strong lotions and creams.
  • Stress and anxiety

If you have dry skin on your lips and heels, that is the indication that your skin is dehydrated. Other indication are tiny white flakes on the body accompanied by itching. In some cases the skin can be too much dry and causes peeling and cracks.

In addition I suggest you 8 natural ways by which you can restore the natural moisture of your skin:

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Do you drink enough of water? Your skin is dry maybe because you are not drinking enough water. You should supplement your body with an adequate amount of water.

Cleopatra popularized milk bath rituals. Milk has lactic acid that can gently dissolves dead skin cells – a by-product of dry skin, to reveal moisturized, fresh looking new layer of skin. The fat content of milk also helps in conditioning the dry areas of the skin. You may try adding a cup of goat’s or cow’s milk to the bath water. After bathing, rinse off well.

Yogurt is rich in lactic acid, which can soothe and exfoliate the skin, tighten the pores and stimulate collagen production. For a dry face skin, you can apply yogurt and then wash off with a splash of cold water. You can also use a simple face mask recipe of mixing yogurt and honey.

Honey has antibacterial properties which can create an environment favorable for healing inflammation. You can apply honey on your skin and left for a 15 minutes. Than wash it with lukewarm water. When you are at home, you can apply honey on your lips as a natural lip balm

Olive Oil is another natural remedy for dry skin. You can use it as an internal and external remedy for your skin. Just be sure that it is Extra virgin olive oil, because this tip of olive contains less than 0.8 acidity. You can use olive oil in  fresh salads or you can take one tablespoon every morning. If you have overly dry skin on certain areas of your body, you can do a gentle massage with olive oil.

Coconut Oil contains natural emollient properties which gives moisture and penetrates underlying tissues, rather than water and other lotions and creams. This oil is popularly used as face and body moisturizer and also as hair oil. Apply coconut oil on certain dry areas and do a massage. Dry areas will disappear.

Aloe Vera – aloe vera leaves contain gel. This gel is rich in nutritious. You can apply the gel directly on skin that needs extra help in moisturization.

The oil of avocado is rich in vitamins A, E & D that contribute to healthy, moisturized and hydrated skin. You can include avocado fruit in your diet or you can treat your dry face skin with avocado mask.