Lemon Health Benefits

Lemon is a citrus fruit which containс vitamins like: A, B1, B6 and is rich in vitamin C. The rind of lemon is rich in vitamin P. Lemon also contains minerals: magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Lemon as a Remedy

Lemon juice has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also reduces headaches, nausea, fatigue, improves memory and concentration. Lemon juice reduces bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. Regularly consuming of lemon, improves digestive tract function. Pectin fibers in lemon, reduce our food craving and leads to weight loss. Lemon juice also improves urinary tract health.

Other Uses of Lemon Juice

Lemon Makes Your Skin Clear – Lemon prevents cell damage and helps in cell’s renewal. This reduces skin blemishes, black spots and facial wrinkles, even helps in problems with eczema. You can make face lotion at home. Squeeze one lemon and add in a bottle. In the same bottle add water in same quantity as the lemon juice. Keep it in fridge and clean your face every morning.

Lemon Fight Dandruff – Many researches have proved that rinsing hair with lemon juice, could considerably reduce the appearance of dandruff.

Lemon Make Your Hair Shiny – Applying lemon juice through your hair can help restoring your hair’s shine.

Lemon is Natural Food Preservative – To keep freshly sliced bananas, avocados or apples from turning brown (oxidation), sprinkle them with fresh lemon juice.

Lemon oils for Mind Relaxation – Lemon essential oils have calming effects on the nervous system and provide relief in case of anxiety, exhaustion, tiredness, nervousness and tension.