Shiitake Mushrooms Against Cancer Cells

Shiitake mushrooms are known as a vegetable, but actually shiitake mushrooms are fungus. They are also known as a “medicinal mushrooms” due to their long history of medical use, particularly in oriental medicine traditions. There are hundreds of medical studies that documented the medical properties of shiitake mushrooms extracts but, there are few studies on shiitake as a part of a human diet. However there is something important about shiitake mushrooms: they can provide us fantastic health benefits.

Shiitake Mushrooms Can Fight Cancer Cells

Shiitake mushrooms are low in calories (35 calories in 100 gr shiitake) and rich in vitamins: B2, B5, B6 and D. They are also reach in minerals: manganese, zinc, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, cooper,magnesium. Shiitake are good source of dietary fibers and proteins.


Nutrient values in 87 gr shiitake mushroom


Nutrient Amount DV(%) World's Healthiest Food Raiting
Vitamin B3 3.37 mg 16.9 excellent
Vitamin B5 1.30 mg 13.0 excellent
Vitamin B6 0.25 mg 12.5 excellent
Vitamin B2 0.19 mg 11.2 very good
Vitamin D 17.40 IU 4.3 good
Manganese 0.20 mg 10.0 very good
Zinc 0.90 mg 6.0 very good
Cooper 0.12 mg 6.0 very good
Phosphorus 97.44 mg 9.7 very good
Potassium 264.48 mg 7.6 very good
Selenium 4.96 mcg 7.1 very good
Magnesium 17.40 mg 4.3 good
Fiber 2.17 g 8.7 very good
Protein 1.95 g 3.9 good


Shiitake Mushrooms Health Benefits

  • Shiitake mushrooms are excellent source of iron. They are especially good choice for vegan or vegetarian.
  • Improve cardiovascular system. Compounds in shiitake mushrooms help in blocking the adhesion molecule production process. In this way shiitake mushrooms can help in protecting blood cells.
  • Compound called D-Eritadenine (DEA) helps in lowering of “bad” cholesterol.
  • In many researches is proven that shiitake mushroom’s extract has anti-cancer benefits. Researches showed that shiitake mushrooms contain more than 100 components which help in blocking tumor cells. They are known as “anti-tumor mycochemicals”. Especially help in prevention of prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.
  • Vitamin B improves blood count. Due this they are recommended for diabetics.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Effect positively against various microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Compounds in shiitake mushrooms help in balancing system function.
  • Improves immunity.

Shiitake mushrooms are excellent replacement for meat. They should be a part of your healthy balanced diet. You can consume shiitake mushrooms raw, cooked or dry. You can cook them with different vegetables,  pasta or in soups. To maximize their flavor and to keep their nutrients, it is important do not overcook them. Recommend cook for shiitake mushrooms is 7 minutes.