Food For Healthy Teeth and Beautiful Smile

Healthy teeth are result of good dental care and good oral hygiene. Important factor for healthy teeth is also a food that helps prevent cavities and fights against “bad” bacteria.

Best Food  for Healthy Teeth

Milk and milk products (cheese, yogurt) – Milk and milk products are rich in calcium and phosphorus, minerals that keep tooth enamel. Yogurt is good choice against “bad” bacteria in the oral cavity. Cheese helps in stabilizing normal pH in oral cavity. Red wine helps in neutralizing  acid that harms protective tooth enamel.

Food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, sardine, shrimp, soybean, flax seed, walnut) – Omega-3 fatty acid are excellent choice  against inflammation and gum diseases.

Onion and Garlic – Powerful anti bacterial foods that prevent the teeth and the gum. Good choice is fresh onion and fresh garlic

Food rich in vitamin A  (potato, carrot) Vitamin A improves bones, teeth and gum health.

Sesame – Rich in calcium that strengths teeth health. Sesame oil reduces dental plaque.

Celery – Boring vegetable that strengths teeth and gum health. Chewing celery  increases saliva secretion, that is good against “bad” bacteria and acids in oral cavity. It also gives good massage to your gum.

Green tea – Rich in polyphenols (antioxidants) that fight bacteria and keep fresh breath. But, you should be careful with consuming green tea – to much green tea leads to teeth staining.