Green Tea – a Cup of Health

Green tea is a product of dried leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis.

It is believed that green tea is used 5000 years ago and originate from China. Today, green tea is used all over the world and it is one of the most healthiest drinks.

A lot of researches have proved that green tea has a lot of health benefits. It is rich in nutrients and it is a powerful antioxidant. Regularly consuming green tea helps in many health problems like: cardiovascular diseases, weight loss etc.

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea is rich in polyphenols – antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that protect our body from free radicals. John Vajsberger says that green tea contains 8 – 10 times more antioxidants than vegetable and fruit. Besides antioxidants, green tea contains: vitamin C, vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, potassium, manganese, fluoride.

Green Tea Health Benefits:

Antioxidants prevent cancer tips – Several researches have proved that regularly consuming green tea protects and reduces cancer tips like: prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer. Research in Japan has proved that women that regularly consume green tea before and after surgery of breast cancer, reduce the risk of disease recurrence.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases  Antioxidants in green tea keep LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation. They reduce triglycerides and “bad”cholesterol.

Reduces blood sugar – Polyphenols and polysaccharides have a huge role against high blood sugar. They keep normal sugar levels and act against sugar increasing.

Improves brain health – Catechin compounds in green tea have various protective effects on neurons and improve brain health. In this way reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine in green tea increases alertness, improves brain functions – improves mood and memory. Amino acid L-theanine helps brain function.

Protects liver – Regularly consuming of green tea acts against different toxins and chemicals in the body.

Keeps kidneys health  Green tea acts against kidney stones. Substances in green tea act on the kidney stone and form it in different sediment. In this way kidney stone can be ejected through the urine.

Improves skin health  Green tea improves skin and hair hydration. Antioxidants keep skin healthy and act against wrinkles. Several researches have proved that green tea can also help in problems with Psoriasis and Rosacea.

Improve dental health – Catechins in green tea destroy “bad” bacteria and reduce the risk of various infections. Green tea improves dental health and prevent cavity.

Helps weight loss – Several studies have proved that substances in green tea help weight loss, they sped up the metabolism and stimulate fats burning. One of this studies, in 240 men and women, showed that the group that consume green tea, had decreased fats and body weight.

Boosts the immunity – Rich in vitamins and minerals (vitamin C and zinc are powerful antioxidants) that are necessary for healthy body. Several studies have proved that green tea acts against viruses and infections.

For better results, you should consume green tea every day. You can start with one cup of tea (at least 7 days) and continue with steadily increasing. Try to choose a higher quality brand of green tea.