5 Reasons to Drink Water

For normal body function, you should drink water in sufficient amount. Cells and tissues must be hydrated and properly perform their functions. Insufficient intake of water leads to dehydration. Body dehydration leads to negative consequences such as: reducing energy, headaches, fatigue etc.

Water speeds up body functions, helps increasing energy and helps in getting rid from harmful toxins.

Water Health Benefits

Increases energy and speeds up body functions – Water helps blood circulation. When your body has enough water, it has more energy.

Improves digestion – Dietary fibers from food like cereals and fruits combine with water are excellent for digestion. In case of dehydration, the small intestine is dry and leads to difficult digestion.

Reduces the risk of kidney stone – The water dissolves salts and minerals in the urine and in this way reduces the risk of stone formation.

Helps weight loss – One glass water before meal, reduces the appetite. In this way, you enter fewer calories during the meal.

Improves body functions – Sufficient water intake, improves cells and tissues functions. In this way helps all body systems functions and also energizes the muscles and improves skin health.

Recommend water intake is 2 – 2.5 liters per day. If you workout or have compacted daily schedule, you should increase water intake.