Boost Your Energy

Low energy can make your day difficult and long. Try with simple tips to boost your energy and mood.

Healthy food, balanced diet and exercising are part of ways that lead to healthy lifestyle.

Live Healthy and Boost Your Energy

Healthy and balanced diet  keeps your body health. You should eat food reach in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Healthy food increases the energy.

Vitamin B helps to turn food in energy. You should to eat meat, pork, fish, cereals, nuts, seeds.

Magnesium  helps the processes in our body. It is important to know that magnesium turns glucose in energy. Foods rich in magnesium are: fish, nuts, banana.

Little carbs pick you up and more proteins keep your energy up.

Water, water, water  helps body function and increases the energy. Two liters of water daily is enough, but if you workout, you should increase water intake.

Reduce coffee – a lot of coffee leads to insomnia and insomnia leads to less energy.

Sleeping  7-8 hours a day is enough for rest and normal body function. Scientists says, 30 minutes afternoon nap rests your brain and increases the energy.

Stretching in bed – Start your day with stretching in the bad. This will increase blood circulation. Good blood circulation improves body’s functions and increases the energy.

Stop stress – stress leads to fatigue and less energy. You can try yoga and meditation for stress reduction.

Exercising – regularly exercising at least 4 times a week gives you more and more energy.