Detox Your Body Every Day

People use detox diet for a couple of days. When detox diet stop, weight quickly return.

We must admit that “3 day” detox diet is healthy but, it is not a solution for long-term weight loss. We must to develop lifelong strategies to achieve and maintain optimal weight and healthy condition. The goal of the detox diet is to lower the toxins in our body and keep them lower in the future. Food that we consume and environment also, contribute for the toxins in our body (pesticides, chemicals, metals).

7 steps to Cleanse Your Body from Toxins

Choose organic and seasonal food – This food is rich in natural vitamins, minerals, proteins and is lower in pesticides than non-organic food.

Use water purifier – Tap water contains a lot of chemicals that adversely affect digestive tract and on health condition. Water purifier will reduce the risk of such occurrences.

Exercise regularly – Exercise improves blood vessels function and helps substances exchanging. In this way improves body function which includes toxins ejection.

Get quality sleep – 7 hours daily is enough for healthy condition. Yes, sleeping improves body function.

Sauna – Sweating is the best way to eliminate the toxins from the body. Sauna is effective way to enhance the sweating process.

Use a HEPA air purifier – Air filter purifies the air and may reduce problems with allergy. Some air purifier may remove and chemicals.

Nature – Spend time in nature. Walking in nature gives you fresh air and cleans your lungs, affects positively on your metabolism.