Minerals in Food

July 30, 2013 ena HomeNutrition

To improve general health, except proteins and vitamins, it is necessary intake of minerals. They constitute the tissue fluids and cells, which has the role of building blocks and the role of biocatalysts. Minerals which are part of our body are divided in: minerals that are found in large quantities in the body  – macro elements […]


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Proteins in Food

July 29, 2013 ena HomeNutrition

Proteins are the main source of materials for building of the muscle, blood, skin, hair, nails and internal organs, including the heart and brain. They are important for developing of all body tissues. Proteins consist small building blocks, simple molecules – amino acids. There are twenty different amino acids that build a lot of different […]


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Vitamins – Sources, Deficiency and Overdosing

July 23, 2013 ena HomeNutrition

About vitamins sources, deficiency and overdosing


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July 23, 2013 ena HomeNutrition

Vitamins are necessary for substances exchange. Vitamins and enzymes contribute for proper and normal body function. Thanks to the information for vitamins, humans can regulate nutrition and this contributes to normal and healthy body function. In this way, people reduce diseases. The deficiency of vitamins or hypovitaminosis usually occurs as a result of poor vitamin […]


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