Healthy Diet in Pregnancy

Healthy diet is important, especially when you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Healthy and proper nutrition will improve your health and will help your baby developing and growing. You should intake variety of foods and get right and balanced nutritious diet.

In pregnancy, you should not “eat for two”, you should intake balanced healthy diet. Every day intake minerals, vitamins, “good” fats and avoid food rich in sugars and high in fats.

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How to Improve Digestion?

Usually, unhealthy way of lifestyle leads to digestive problems. This problems can be boring and unpleasant. However, you should locate the problems that cause bad digestion. Overlooked symptoms, later can cause difficult health problems.

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Treat the Cold and Flu in a Natural Way

Winter days are perfect time for flu, cold and coughing. Usually the reasons are viruses and the therapy is medical. If you have flu symptoms that are not too serious, I recommend you natural home remedies as a therapy. Continue reading “Treat the Cold and Flu in a Natural Way”

Foods for Fit Women

Food choice is most important, especially if you workout. You should intake food rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and be careful with fats.

In addition I suggest you 15 fitness foods that are excellent for women’s health.

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