Coffee and Health

February 18, 2014 ena Food and Health BenefitsHome

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks that the most of us consume every day. Researches showed that consuming coffee has positive and negative effects. Scientist says that consequences of caffeine and other compounds in the coffee, depends of the coffee quantity and quality. However, there are many chemicals that contribute positive or negative effects.


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Shiitake Mushroom Against Cancer Cells

December 16, 2013 ena Food and Health BenefitsHome

Shiitake mushrooms are known as a vegetable, but actually shiitake mushrooms are fungus. They are also known as a “medicinal mushrooms” due to their long history of medical use, particularly in oriental medicine traditions. There are hundreds of medical studies that documented the medical properties of shiitake mushrooms extracts but, there are few studies on […]


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