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Foods That Help to Fight Inflammation

January 7, 2015 ena Health and SolutionsHome

Foods due to their rich nutrients – vitamins, minerals and fibers act against chronic inflammation in your body. Including adequate amounts of some foods in your daily diet, may reduce inflammation process.


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Fight the Bad Breath

October 2, 2014 ena Health and SolutionsHome

Bad breath or halitosis, can result from poor dental health care or may be a result of gym disease or other health problems. 20% of the population suffers from chronic bad breath. Bad breath can be also result of the types of food you eat during the day. Food particles can remain between teeth, around the […]


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14 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

August 14, 2014 ena Health and SolutionsHome

You can not boost your body metabolism in one night. You need healthy way of life in while and you can achieve the target. In this text you can read a tipps how can you boost your body metabolism.


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