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Mediterranean Diet for Better Health and Longevity

January 8, 2014 ena Health and SolutionsHome

Mediterranean diet is not a classic diet, it is a way of healthy food habits. This diet use people who live in the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Spain, Italy, Greece. Mediterranean diet is healthy and delicious. Mediterranean diet include:


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Nutritious Power Known as Pomegranate

November 26, 2013 ena Food and Health BenefitsHome

The heart of pomegranate is rich with small, red grains which contain seeds. This is the part of pomegranate which is nutritious. Pomegranate has low percentage of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and а high amounts of: fiber, vitamins A, B5, C, K and folic acid. Since minerals, the most common are: iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus.


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