Why You Should Drink Warm Water and Lemon in the Morning

The most important thing you should do in the morning, is to start the day healthy. All of us have some “secret” morning rituals that make us healthy and happy. They make our day better and also may improve our health.

Someone do yoga or jogging, other intake healthy and nutritious breakfast. But first of all, I suggest you mug of healthy drink.

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Treat the Cold and Flu in a Natural Way

Winter days are perfect time for flu, cold and coughing. Usually the reasons are viruses and the therapy is medical. If you have flu symptoms that are not too serious, I recommend you natural home remedies as a therapy. Continue reading “Treat the Cold and Flu in a Natural Way”

Food that Could Increase Your Energy

Do you have problems with fatigue and a bit of energy during the working day? Surely,  your solution is coffee. Try to beat fatigue with healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, which will give you enough nutrient and energy. Here are some suggestions:

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Lemon and Honey Before Breakfast

For strong immunity and healthy body you should intake nutrients by food. I recommend you something that is natural and healthy:

Healthy drink made at home – lemon and honey before breakfast.