How to Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis, can result from poor dental health care or may be a result of gym disease or other health problems. 20% of the population suffers from chronic bad breath. Bad breath can be also result of the types of food you eat during the day. Food particles can remain between teeth, around the gums and tongue and cause bad breath. This lead to bad breath.

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Healthy Herbs and Spices that Improve Your Health

Herbs and spices are part of every national kitchen. They improve food taste and also improve body function and lead to better health. Our ancestors had used herbs and spices as a home remedy. Today they are also part of home remedies and also nutritionist recommend them. Continue reading “Healthy Herbs and Spices that Improve Your Health”

5 Natural Herbs for Your Nerves

Fast  way of lifestyle leads to problems with the nerves. The result is anxiety, irritability and even depression. In addition, I suggest you 5 natural herbs which help in calming nerves. You can easily find them in any pharmacy or supermarket.

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