More Greens, More Proteins

November 4, 2014 ena Food and Health BenefitsHome

Most people think that they should intake animal protein: meat, poultry, eggs, cheese. This type of food is rich in protein but higher in fats and lower in vitamins and minerals. Animal products are more acidic for human body function than vegetables.


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Healthy Food for Children

October 25, 2013 ena Food and Health BenefitsHome

Consumption of healthy food rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins from an early age is very important for healthy body. In addition, I propose a list of healthy food for children, which is especially important for a healthy growth and development.


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9 Healthy Diet Foods

August 20, 2013 ena Food and Health BenefitsHome

For healthy body, you should choose a healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals. Healthy diet food prevents you from various diseases. Here is a list of some healthy diet foods:


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